Refund Policy

We will accept refund for product that were not used or that could not have been used by the client due to an issue based on the company's mistake or in a case by case basis

Examples for valid refund reasons - the client ordered an opening of a bank account, but did not have ITIN so he can not open the account

Another reason might be a client that ordered our course and then ordered a package that includes the course within the same couple of days by mistake

For any refund request that is related to an online product that involves access to online materials such as courses, recordings, files, video, audio, consultation etc. we will only accept a refund request within 7 days from the date of charge and only if the materials were not accessed during this time period.

Refund Fees

We are using Stripe for processing, and Stripe do charge us for refunds as they do not return the fees that were charged during the original order, that's why for every refund request we will need to deduct 5% of the order amount to cover these fees

This is from the Stripe site:

Escrow costs:

1. If you transfer with Zelle from an American bank directly to us - the banks do not take transfer fees.

2. If you are making a bank transfer within the US there is an internal transfer cost in the US - usually $ 25
We will deduct that when returning the Escrow.

3. If you pay through the site with Stripe using a credit card, if you choose shekels there will be a conversion fee that Stripe charges + transaction fee, if you choose dollars there is only a transaction fee - you have a choice.
The most convenient way of course is using Stripe with a credit card but there are fees that Stripe charges for receiving the money and then returning it to the client.
There will be an overall 5% fee for using that method to cover all transactions / conversion fees.