Do you have an interesting investment deal? And not apartments for sale... we will find the door for you. You are invited to…

Do you have an interesting investment deal? And no apartments for sale ... We'll find you the door. Welcome to ...

Do you have an interesting investment deal? And no apartments for sale…? We will find the door for you. Feel free to upload in this post ⤵️, and maybe you will close the next deal again thanks to the group ✌?

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  1. Roof for the construction of 1-3 penthouses on one level north old Tel Aviv - the roof 250 square meters building rights 170 square meters on one level. The building is easy to maintain. Yahlal Street, price 3.5 million NIS
    Including levy and improvement. For details Ilanit Project Promotion Real Estate Entrepreneurship 0556615052?

  2. * For sale a building in Hagen Germany *

    • The building in the city of Hagen is about a 20 minute drive from Dortmund.
    • The land here is in an area of ​​540 square meters.
    • Private land.
    1104 sqm main.
    • 18 apartments.
    • Putting in about 70,000 euros in a gross year, has the potential to increase revenue through an advertising sign.

    • The price of the building is € 900,000 €.

    The seller is ready to commit to the return.

    • Brokerage NIS 100,000 + VAT.

    You can get a presentation on the Wetsap 050-5301641
    Or by email

    The Israeli seller can meet in Israel.

  3. Shabbat Shalom and welcome to everyone.

    In my opinion, Ofer Petersburg deserves a commission for every transaction that closes here in the team !!

    Some hot deals for sale - feel free to talk to me for more details - Eshel 050-688-3383

    Land in Hadera, within a single plan / 2020 plan, is approved for residential construction

    In a complex of 19 - 650 square meters, NIS 390,000
    In the 13 + 14 complex - about 20 dunams, according to NIS 600,000 per dunam
    In the 28, 4 acre complex, the 10043 block, by NIS 370,000 per 420 meter

    Agricultural land in Hadera in an excellent location, 25 acre in the 10044 block, according to NIS 225,000 per acre

    Agricultural land in Kfar Tavor, NIS 105,000 per dunam, 10 dunam, excellent location and excellent investment for decision-making

    Agricultural land near a universe, adjacent to the approved plan, 4 dunams per NIS 270,000 per dunam

    Plots to build villas in the Kfar Yona area, for immediate construction, NIS X million per plot

    Land in Raanana, within an approved construction plan, the right to 2 units in the plan (the detailed plan has already been deposited) - final price for closing - 910,000 NIS (improvement levy on the buyer), a safe and excellent deal !!! There are 2 such units of a quarter of an acre each that give each one the right to 2 apartments in the detailed plan already deposited. (The master plan has already been finally approved and it is 100% safe ground

    There are also some interesting things for the oranges in Hod Hasharon.

    Just be serious?

    Shabbat Shalom and welcome to everyone

    Eshel - 050-688-3383