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  1. We once canceled a home purchase because of it. What is important to know about "Lead-based paint" Led Base Paint that as long as you do not peel the wall there is no risk. But… If such a color is found there are two options:
    1. Removal and external and internal pointing increases 10K or higher.
    2. The City of Columbus Ohio has a plan to fund these paint repairs. They give a grant but have to wait for it -

    See if your city has a similar grant

  2. Hey Avichai, what do you mean as long as I do not dismantle and tell proper disclosure?
    The question is also what happens if you are sued for an amount that is beyond the value of the asset (assuming I have no additional personal property) What else can you take for me? Is there also a danger of arrest? Regardless of my opinion, it is recommended to consult a lawyer on such matters.

  3. I made a number of deals
    As long as you have not dismantled and provided proper disclosure about this it is all right
    In case you have to dismantle there are companies that specialize in this and then "responsibility" falls on them

    I know of a lawsuit against a friend who flipped a house with asbestos and was sued by a mother whose son got sick because of it
    She got nothing out of it. He lost a few good days of work, thousands of dollars to a lawyer and a few more white hairs.

  4. I would move away from fire,

    It's a risk, and why take risks when you do not need to.

    There are many houses even without Lead or Radon

    Black Mold

    I would get away,
    Especially if you are inexperienced……or …..don't tell anyone about these "diseases".