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Equity versus Debt

Debt funds are a solid, defensive alternative investment channel while hedging the risk through real estate collateral in the first lien, diversification, exposure to various markets and high internal control…

180 Units, Park 45, Houston, Texas

This offer is for accredited investors The acquisition of Park 45 Apartments in Houston, Texas. The 150 units Multifamily property is located in the desirable submarket of Spring/Tomball EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nadlan Invest is offering the opportunity to invest in the acquisition of Park45 Apartments in Houston, Texas. The 180 units Multifamily property is located in […]


  1. I would appreciate an explanation of how the multi domain is more stable than the single domain. Let's compare, for example, a person who has 10 private houses compared to a person who has a multi of 10 units. The individual houses: more liquid, you can sell one unit if you want without selling all 10, allow for the spread of risks, attract a stronger population for the most part, attract families who are likely to stay for a long time
    More property and more benefits.

    I prefer to make my Multi Family on
    By building a single family file.

  2. From what I understood regarding the type, the multi-family sector is more stable than single-family (less volatile) in times of emergency, also in terms of the Buy & Hold investment profile, it will be more durable than the flips sector. And last but not least, areas from class C, D, F will be less affected in my opinion, since there are low rents and a minimum salary that has nowhere to lower, unlike class A/B neighborhoods