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# Entrepreneur of the Week # Post 5 Sales Everyone who knows me knows I'm sick of sales, since I'm

#יםמההשבוי #פוסט5 Sales Anyone who knows me knows that I am sick of sales, ever since I can remember I have loved the idea of ​​selling. I think the first physical product I sold was explosives out of a Comedy Store pencil case with Jojo Halstra quotes. Admittedly, the business closed faster than expected, when the manager's secretary realized that a third-grade child had opened the stairs to the branch shelter...


  1. Answer lots of answers here, some are more correct, some less
    Let's make order
    If you intend to sell around 70
    You are missing out on a lot for Multi unless you bring in extra money

    You can check required prices on site like realtor
    Which takes data from the mls system
    And actually see how many are asking for similar apartments in the market in the current state

    Even if your apartment is in excellent condition you still won't get much more from the market forces

    There is no point in spending money on an appraiser
    Since a US residential buyer will do this within his testing
    More important to spend on appraisers when buying though in Florida's market today, good deals are hijacked in minutes without checking

    Please note that all brokers' sites and MLS sites only show brokered deals and not direct deals
    So the mediator's comps aren't exactly accurate

    As for taxation
    The money should go directly to holding a trust until another asset is purchased for a limited time and then there is a tax exemption according to Savagact 10


  2. Shamai is a good way, but you can also turn to one or two local brokers, explain to them that you are thinking about selling and they will give you a pretty good valuation, considering the condition of the property, its level of accessories and other sales in the area.

  3. First, never rely on any evaluation given on the various sites.
    As for supply and demand (advertise and check responsiveness) this is a way but one should take into account that the property can be on the market for a long time until you know exactly how interested it is and at what price…
    It's worth checking out the county's property site sold on the same street or neighborhood and there you'll know the real price of the properties sold.
    Regarding taxation, as long as you are a foreign resident, the title automatically collects 15 percent of the gross and if you are interested in receiving a refund instead of waiting for the report to be submitted, you will have to fill out an application for FIRPTA with the CPA.
    Successfully ?

  4. Want a real evaluation?
    You will pay about 200-300 USD and you will invite an appraiser!
    The assessment will be the best and accurate.
    Of course, parallel to the verification and confirmation of the data also with a number of local brokers ..
    You can see sites who are the leading brokers in sales in this area and talk to them and try to get them from a possible sale price estimate.
    Successfully !!

  5. Comps- Check
    On sites like
    Do it on properties sold within a radius of less than 0.5 miles, the same sq plus or minus 15 percent in size, the same type of house (and it's important to note if it's brick or wood!!), similar year of construction +- 5 years, and so on depending on the number of rooms Sleep and bath. In addition, note if expansions or renovations have been made in recent years - you will see it through photos and also through requests for permits through the county - on the Zillow website you have the option to enter a direct link and type data as needed. Cutting only from the last 6 months and if possible the last 3 months.

    Notice on the map, you will increase and you will see that the properties you are comparing are not near a river, interstate, commercial center, junkyard or multifamily
    Be as similar and close as possible to what your property offers.
    It greatly changes the value of the home.

    If even after all these there are differences that you cannot estimate the sq. Value (not by size. You by calculation of how much paid per sq.)
    Check out the most identical and adjacent camps within the radius of that neighborhood. Assume you know the neighborhood and street that the property is in.
    Call the brokers who have sold these assets and ask for your valuation.
    Ask on the basis of what they relate to and ask that the reference to Comps be only what the last 3 months or 6 months if the last 3 months have not.
    Ask about renovations, how long it took for a home to sell to meet the market, were there any problems selling it and what they speculate on your property.

    This is also how you see which broker you want to take to sell the house to you. Prioritize to those who specialize in exactly your type of property and have already sold similar properties recently. Ask them that.

    You can see the property sales history on different sites who sold the property. Call and talk to them.

  6. Hi Epic,
    Two very important things to know before:
    1. Payment of the tax -
    In order to avoid paying the 15% sales tax you can do one of the two -
    Sell ​​near the end of the year and then submit in February the tax returns and get the money back
    Sell ​​the property that is owned by the LLC and with another partner.

    2. Making a transaction 1031 is not recognized in Israel, and a language developer sees this as capital income and solves you immediately.

    Successfully ?

  7. In my opinion - supply and demand. Go to a site that seems serious to you and determine accordingly. But I would do it through a broker, and if he is assertive he is definitely worth the 6 percent. By the way, as soon as you sell the house through the title Campani it is already recorded that it has been transferred to you, and then it no longer matters whether you put it in the bank or not, you will pay the tax anyway. The truth is that today the title Campani cleans up 15 percent in advance so it really does not matter.