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  1. If it dictates the price and conditions then it is not appropriate for me. If my company does not sell the property for another 3-4 months then I have no doubt that it will see more flexibility if it is interested in selling and seems to be interested in selling.

  2. Your offer should be a seductive creator the seller can to the audience owner finance around 11 % interest rate why will she go with 6% she needs to be desperate try to be creative and put yourself in the seller shoes in order to make a real attractive offer

  3. Not so clear from what you recorded the way the loan was removed. A loan without amirtization means that you are not repaying a fund and then there are 2 options:
    Balloon: That is, the interest rates accrue to the fund and the accrual of interest over time.
    Another option Grace: that is to pay only interest on a regular basis.
    What are the components of the payment of $ 500 principal / interest?