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  1. No problem getting a loan even without credit Scott and without susal ..
    The percentage of financing will be around 65% of house cost and 100% of the renovation.
    The interest rates vary and there are places that are determined by experience plus an additional percentage on a specific area
    Or determined by address ..
    Interest rates 8% up to 11%
    As to whether it is much? Do not know.
    This interest environment and on the other hand the transaction should be profitable.
    And if you do not hold a loan for a year then you will pay less because it is on actual days of exploitation.
    If you need help - I would be happy to help

  2. Hi Matan,
    Before taking a loan it is always recommended to gain in-depth experience. After you have gone through the stages of experience (and in my personal opinion one or two flips are not enough, but to each his own insights) you have several options to use financed money. Hard money is one of the options for making flips. Most companies, however, will ask for an American credit score and history so that it will be relatively difficult to get such a loan. If you succeeded, most of the percentages range from 8-11 percent annually and a few more points. There are several posts in the group that deal with the subject. In the end, Hard Money comes out to you as a partner of 35-45 percent of the transaction profits in many cases. (Again, there are posts in the group on the subject that I think also explain the calculation and the things that need to be taken into account).

    In any case, as you wrote, if you plan to buy houses to hold, there is the possibility of asking for cash back (mortgaging the houses) through an American bank. You will get your money back, you will earn about a third on the rent and with the rest of the money continue to roll flips.
    Successfully ?