The importance of relationships I've written about this in the past and I also talk about it a lot ...

The importance of relationships I've written about this in the past and I also talk about it a lot ...

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The importance of relationships

I've written about it before and I also talk about it a lot - long term relationships, this is the most important !!!

Why is this most important? First that we work with people and if we want to be players in the long run we must take all the interest in the relationships one step up, why?

Because doing business with people, investing will be more or less profitable - maybe, but the question is with whom you are doing the process going forward.

A relationship is measured from the moment it begins, from the initial impression that is created, to the second impression, until the moment when you choose to separate forces, and you have to do it well.

What it means? First of all, in order to be focused on relationships in your life, you need to be listening, giving, receiving feedback as well as providing constructive (rather than destructive) feedback - meaning you need to maintain authenticity, sensitivity, listening and lots of caring - without these, it will be hard to be real. .

Understand what the other side's goals are and that they will understand your goals - with all the cards on the table it is easy to make decisions, move forward, understand what each one needs and also that there is no competition but common growth.

When is it not good? When a relationship becomes a "who's bigger competition?" It is not good or ideal.

How do you create a relationship remotely? As entrepreneurs who invest in foreign countries, we do not always get to the field at the beginning, and usually everything is controlled by remote control.

Start with the phone call - many times in the first conversations we ask what the goals are, what they do today and where they want to be in X time… At first it sounds a bit strange to them because most of them do not come from a place of relationships but net work - but, the best way to build a relationship Long-term is stone after stone and step by step.

Next - come to the field, see things up close, get to know the people behind the screen (even if you talked on Skype / Facebook / WhatsApp) because there is nothing better than sight - recommend bringing Israeli chocolate with you - they will love the simple gesture - and not just the professionals you work with With them - the plane crew, car and hotel rental workers, etc. - you will be amazed at how significant and deepening this little gesture is in your relationship with your local crew.

Another important point is to examine the goals once every few months, because we all change - if the goals are the same - excellent, otherwise we need to examine how and where the partnership will continue.

The most important and therefore the last written ... ego, do not enter into relationships with the ego, it will not advance anyone in achieving the goals, it is not fattening and can be swallowed quietly - put it aside, be open to learning and see what magic it generates when you come to relationships from a real and authentic .

It's not right for everyone, it's okay, for some of us it's challenging and even tough, take one thing out of it and you'll see how you apply it every day for 90 day, that's the time it takes us to new staff 🙂

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  1. I will also write our first deal story here, which directly relates to the importance of relationships.
    I will try to summarize: We worked for a few weeks on a potential deal with our broker, after reviewing some other deals, and wanted to close on that deal. We were looking for an investor, our realtor knew we were looking for a money partner, and when we saw ahead of the test expiration date that we were failing to raise the money, we tried to do a wholesale on the contract. From there a few other intermediaries entered in an attempt to make a wholesale sale for the contract, and at the end of the chain there was another broker who brought in a client, but the margins in the deal were so small that there was nothing left to give him for his work. We did a "conference call" in the email, in which I informed everyone that if there is anyone involved in the transaction and does not make money from it, we will not carry it out, and we would rather give it up. WIN-WIN-WIN
    In the next deal we reviewed with our broker, we were still looking for a money partner, and in my estimation following that “conference call” in which we gave up the previous deal because not everyone could profit from it, the broker felt very confident about us, informing us he would come in as a partner, put 25% of the amount With him another customer of his (local) who will also put 25% of the amount, and so we got all the required amount and set off.
    Meanwhile we are already in the third deal with him!
    I am pretty sure that without the same WIN-WIN approach, which was an integral part of the relationship with everyone involved, the likelihood that the mediator would enter into a partnership with us is very low.
    Invest in relationships!