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  1. I transfer large sums through the Ofakim trading room. In the US there is a commission of $ 30 and in Israel another 15 - and then Ofakim converts to shekels - a difference of 0.2 percent on the continuous exchange rate and finally a shekel transfer to Ofakim's personal account - a total of around 0.25-0.3 percent of each transfer

  2. Note that not everything is pink as it may appear in the post, I checked in their simulator and…
    The higher the transfer rate, the higher the percentage of the load, the more it is unclear how their algorithm works. For example, in the transfer of 100, the commission is 0.65, which means that 650 dollars have cheaper alternatives.
    So maybe for those who need to transfer small amounts, it can be worthwhile

  3. This is the whole fee, the amount recorded in shekels is the amount you will receive in the bank account in Israel, meaning that 1000 $ will pay 9.94.
    As for the management company, exactly, I gave them the details of my bank account in TW and for them it is like an American account for all intents and purposes.