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  1. The ticket is valid for 15 hours after the sale opens - do not wait for the last minute. Two agile entrepreneurs have already snatched the "Lecturer Entrepreneur" cards. Soon we will reveal their names in drums and dances! They will introduce themselves and their work and the company they represent, prepare you a short lecture on one of the topics you requested from the list above, and then lead a session of personal accompaniment of a giant dwarf to one of you who will win that there is no free lottery money live instead. Dwarfs - Come prepared with questions - you will get a lot of information. After the questions and the personal conversation with the lucky dwarf or dwarf, a number of questions from the audience will also be allowed to the entrepreneur according to the schedules. Successfully !

  2. Here are the topics you have chosen that you would like to hear about in the lecture in the meantime - we will make every effort to focus on these topics:
    What subject would you like to hear in the value lecture?
    How to start my first investment
    How to focus on a limited search area such as a particular street / zip code How to determine the market value of apartments in a particular area and how to find apartments below market value?
    Owner finanace
    Creative finance
    "Recommended sources of funding abroad" "For Israelis"
    Multi family for beginners
    Multi family for beginners
    1. Financing options for non-US nonresidents
    2. Diffusion (advantages and disadvantages) between:
    MF / Single / Flip.
    Choosing an investment area
    Locating real estate transactions
    Property selection, area selection, financing methods
    US Funding Locating an asset and leaving the knowledge
    Types and possibilities of financing, flips, the multi-million market and the chance against risk

  3. Update - Almost half of the tickets sold out within 12 hours. Crazy !!! Last two discounted tickets left in line five. We were also approached by a number of entrepreneurs who want to lecture. We will make the decision to everyone who to choose. If you want to lecture and get serious exposure at the conference and then in the forum with the videos of your consultation and promotional lecture, feel free to contact us. If you were already an entrepreneur this week, you will receive a 30 percent discount on a lecturer entrepreneur card, even if you have not yet been an entrepreneur this week, but you are registered in the broadcast schedule. Like we said we will continue to give benefits to the active users who are Yamzi this week and those who come to the conferences. If you assume two partners and you lecture, it is enough to buy one entrepreneurial card + another regular card for those who come with you, so if you have a 30 percent discount, you will receive a lecturer entrepreneur card for $ 70 instead of 100 + another card for say $ 20, then for $ 90 You both came and ran to everyone. Only $ 50 above the regular price you would get to attend a conference. As mentioned, we will represent all those who turned to the lecturers and the group will choose who will be the lecturers and conduct the filmed live session of a giant dwarf. Successfully!

  4. Due to the fact that the cheapest tickets were hijacked, anyone who gave us a five-star rating on our US Real Estate Forum page will receive a personalized 10 percent off coupon per ticket! Send me a screenshot and you will receive a return message with a special coupon for you! ???

  5. At the conference, they will enter an exclusive pool of benefits according to the status in which they registered - dwarves or giants - so we will know what to offer them, and will give them exclusive access to future activities of the forum. The active activists of the forum will always be the first to be exposed to the projects and projects that the forum will establish and that will help you maximize your potential.

  6. We bring in a professional photographer and the videos of the entrepreneurs they choose will be published in the group and in Bedlenfedia and in addition will be posted at the top of the forum for 12 hours so that everyone can see them. The rest of the videos of the event such as the questions and answers, giant stories, guest lectures, etc. will be allowed to be viewed exclusively for conference attendees only.

  7. Event seating map by price levels. Two seats are reserved in advance for entrepreneurs who choose as lecturers - great entrepreneurs who want to appear in front of everyone and win a video that will be filmed and distributed in the forum. Feel free to contact us to see if they are indeed suitable.