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Hi Everyone, Post # 1: Entrepreneur of the Week Hi everyone, My name is Ofer Moskowitz and I…

Hi everyone, Post # 1: Entrepreneur of the Week Hi everyone, My name is Ofer Moshkovitz and I am happy to open my posts this week to tell you a little about me and my background before the world of real estate and my experiences from the world of real estate. My background is financial, I was an investment advisor at the International Bank, authorized to sign, deputy branch manager. Manager of a foreign exchange transaction room at the branch…

I just jumped on Facebook for a multitemic analysis course from MIT University - good looks -…

הרגע קפץ לי בפייסבוק קורס ניתוח מולטי פמלי מאוניברסיטאת MIT – נראה טוב – נרשמתי לקבל סילבוס.


  1. This is so true! Real estate and business in general is first and foremost people, read the person in front of you and understand what he can bring to the table and what you can bring to the table.
    I'll give you a personal example of Mandalan in Israel, but the same principle.
    I have a contractor who helps me with renovations and repairs is always available and I know there is no need to check it even though the problem will always be settled on the best side.
    I helped him with a lot of things, not for profit but for really helping and since then he has been rewarding and grateful to me back. I even went to the house where I had a meal with him to see where he lives and how he lives. When the giving is real then feel it. Wishing everyone success and continuing to be first and foremost humans is the most important thing?