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Dealing with pressures and changes in the real estate world

What's going on an expensive group? So this week I'm getting into the big shoes of "Entrepreneurs of the Week," thanking Lior on stage. So in a few words about me and us, I am a co-owner of SafetyTint, having been operating for the past eight years in Orlando, Florida as a real estate agency for local and distant investors. This week I will start with a post slightly different from my regular content, the topic is dealing with pressures and changes…


  1. Absolutely amazing and fun, you can learn from everyone and see other things that we were not aware of. Especially with talking to tenants then seeing their side, what things are important to them and how they can make them stay for another year and of course also be satisfied with the house where they live :-).

  2. A beautiful story and I call it paragon.
    Every year, before Christmas, I jump to my property with a basket I buy at Cusco 30 $ and give it a note saying Happy Holiday and thank you for being a good hire. It's fun for both sides and agrees that the tenants do not tend to leave quickly