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Dealing with pressures and changes in the real estate world

What's going on an expensive group? So this week I'm getting into the big shoes of "Entrepreneurs of the Week," thanking Lior on stage. So in a few words about me and us, I am a co-owner of SafetyTint, having been operating for the past eight years in Orlando, Florida as a real estate agency for local and distant investors. This week I will start with a post slightly different from my regular content, the topic is dealing with pressures and changes…

How the ownership of the property is acquired and what promissory notes there are - title companies and other concepts

Good morning friends, today we will make a little order for anyone who is starting to invest in real estate in the US and wants to know how the ownership of their property is registered, where and what types of title deeds are there and some other concepts for general knowledge. The ownership in the US of real estate assets is called Title and the deed of ownership is called Deed. The act of registering the property in the district in the name of the new owner is called Register of…

Learn from mistakes - tips and suggestions # 1

are good. As I promised Lior I want to tell about a bad say deal, which turned out to be good, and give you some tips for real estate investors, so that your path will be as easy and smooth as possible even though I understand you can not succeed in this world without perseverance, hard work, ability to absorb losses, and more. So let's start in 2011, I'm engaged in real estate in Israel, and there is an exhibition in Israel…


  1. Thank you very much Gilad but sometimes it's more challenging Gilad Oz. Sometimes it's hard to find houses that match the potential property. Sometimes there aren't enough sales of houses in the same neighborhood (even if it's in a good location) and if it's the neighborhood, I understand that I have to be careful, because sometimes it's a meter from the neighborhood and it already has a completely different color, better or worse.

  2. Hi Ilana,
    To find out the average price of a certain property in a particular market.
    1. Collect data on all apartments sold in six months - last year.
    2. Compare the same characteristics of the apartment with the rest of the apartments.
    3. Manage everything in a neat file, and after everything is ready only then you can understand very much the market price of that apartment in a particular area.

    I would also add that there is very great importance not only to the market price but also to the environmental data. And they are very influential in making a decision before buying a property.

  3. How did one of our brokers tell me this week “this is not a rockets science” and it's true… but there are ways to try and track the X (the weighted average price per square foot). One of the ways we use and cross is to find as many comps with similar characteristics as possible, to put in Excel, and get to the "average house" - the average price divided by the average area. This X in the product of your home area should be the price, approximately (the law of large numbers, the more comps the exact X will give you).
    Of course you have to pay attention to living areas or total, apples to apples…