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# Entrepreneur of the Week # Post 5 Sales Everyone who knows me knows I'm sick of sales, since I'm

#יםמההשבוי #פוסט5 Sales Anyone who knows me knows that I am sick of sales, ever since I can remember I have loved the idea of ​​selling. I think the first physical product I sold was explosives out of a Comedy Store pencil case with Jojo Halstra quotes. Admittedly, the business closed faster than expected, when the manager's secretary realized that a third-grade child had opened the stairs to the branch shelter...


  1. Eyal Paz I don't know any closure that closes the day it was supposed to be?
    I was supposed to have a closing a month and a half ago (purchase of a property) two weeks before the closing we decided to go for a Lander. This whole process delayed the closing by a month and a half.
    The seller understands this.
    So tell them you want to move the clearing in a few days to provide the EIN
    Teitel's replacement will move the closing for at least two weeks. And start with a listing on one company and then another simply complicates matters.

  2. Hello ale,
    Here are some ideas.
    None of them are of course ideal but might suit you ..
    1. Is the deal done with your date? If not, then in light of the circumstances, ask to change yours. I guess they know and work with you and therefore be more flexible.
    2. Make the transfer of ownership to another existing company and after the administration returns to activity, you will perform QCD for the new company.
    3. Try to reject the closure. A sensible seller would agree (maybe even for some fee).
    4. Try to "threaten" the title that if they do not agree to register the new company then they will have to register 20 (just a scary number) investors individually ..?
    5. Transfer the money to Teitel so that the seller is calm that the money has arrived, but the actual transfer of ownership will only take place after everything works out.
    Hope I helped.