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# Entrepreneur of the Week # Post 3 Rent To Own / Lease Option So following the depressing post from yesterday, I…

# Entrepreneur of the Week # Post 3 Rent To Own / Lease Option So following the depressing post from yesterday, I am going to reveal to you two methods that gave me a solution to all the problems we mentioned. Two methods that help to get the sting out of the deal, are similar but very different and are suitable for different types of assets in different situations. In this post we will talk about the first method rent to own…


  1. 1. Electronic Mice Destruction - Ultrasonic Device This is a sound wave method that human frequencies not only hear animals like rodents and insects can hear, which keeps them away from the environment where the frequency is activated because they do not tolerate noise. You have rodents in your home so they can be damaged by the device and so you should not use such devices near animals.

    2. A mouse trap with a bait that captures the mouse, has jagged traps and spring traps that kill it - which is unpleasant to the eye and not the animal itself. And there are traps that only contain the mouse and can be released in an open place away from the house. A glue trap leaves it alive but it hurts the animal very much and if left so it dies for a few days until it dies.

    3. Mice Poison If you are afraid of using poison in your environment, you can take cardboard pieces and put gum on rodents in combination with the poison of mice, the mice will stick to it.

    4. Cleanliness and order - In order for the mice to not come into your home, you need to clean and leave them no hiding place.

    5. Sealing cracks, holes and other openings from which the mice can emerge. Just enough a coin-sized door to allow them to enter the room. If you have found openings, we recommend that you seal them with steel wool until you can repair them with plaster.

    6. Adopt a cat, the mice cannot stand the smell of cats and very quickly the mice will run away from home.

    7. Pour cola on plates under the sinks and in the area where the mice are moving, the mice will be attracted to the cola because of its sweetness and die shortly because they cannot digest and extract carbon dioxide from the body.

    8. Do not leave dirty bins

    9. Even outside the house bring the mice with you to your apartment, clean the yard well, make sure there is no dry grass or hiding places for them like old junk and grime in the yard.

    10. Electric trap - As soon as the mouse bites into the bait, an electric current is activated which electrifies the mouse and causes it to die.

    11. Chemical pest control by a certified exterminator and obey his instructions.