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LLC - Limited liability company

In-depth discussion of LLC Because there are a lot of questions about the subject of LLC I would like to hear from people who have LLC and they were in a situation that the LLC protected * or * went through a situation that if there was an LLC she would protect them. Request: First-hand stories and not “I heard. . . "Or" my friend "- I know a lot of them !!!!…


  1. In the case of llc the owner is the company. In the case of a lawsuit, it is possible to repay up to the amount of its assets - that is, the house. If the account is the company's account what is in it should be hers alone (the fruits of the lease, etc.). Since what is in the account is part of the company's property, it will also be in danger of seizure in case of need for repayment. If there are funds unrelated to the company this is a problem because it will be difficult to color the money and all the funds are exposed. If the account is your private, and not under the company, it will be more difficult to get your hands on the funds in case of an attempt to repay the company's assets, although it is possible that the person who sued (and won) will prove that it is actually the company's (financial) assets. It will be examined substantively and informally. This is very rude of course and not in place of individual advice.

  2. To the best of my knowledge, only if there is a complete separation between the activities of the LLC and the private conduct and / or other LLCs, can it be said that the other assets that are not registered on that LLC are indeed "protected".
    If there is a bank account to which funds are transferred from different LLC or money in the account is used for personal / private expenses, all assets are exposed.