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  1. Best of luck!
    A bank account will make life more comfortable, but not obliged.
    Loan for rent in the amounts I mentioned is relatively advanced and currently through US banks only for higher amounts or by private lenders at relatively high interest rates (for rent)

  2. I totally agree with what Lior wrote… I wish I had to start from the age of 22
    Will I already teach the kids?
    Good luck Nadav successfully. Buy the first property and then the others will come later and you'll see that the long-term planning is short of fruit within a few years.

  3. Hey Nadav. Fun. Join and share your way through the process. We look forward to helping you. In what areas of Philadelphia are you looking for properties? When taking a loan the bank checks the source of the money. Once the money sits in a bank account for at least two months they will not check back beyond that then definitely recommend you transfer the money to a bank account if that is the ultimate goal of the money. The fun you are here with us 🙂 and by the way that you start acquiring at a young age will give you a lot of advantage to continue.