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  1. Thank you very much for the video Nir!
    I have been studying the field in recent months, currently in contact with American realtors, and examining deals.
    2 Questions I have raised regarding the details of expenses:

    A. Regarding the section of the rental license - Is there a procedure in Cleveland that requires such a license?

    B. Regarding 5% maintenance allocations - is 5% a realistic estimate? I guess it all depends on an asset / structure etc, but you may have some rules of thumb, how can estimates be made for this section?


  2. Dear Nir. I was now watching the video from start to finish. First of all, the professionalism you demonstrate has further strengthened the decision we made regarding the cooperation between us - we definitely see eye to eye how a considered investment should be conducted. I was happy to see the down to the smallest details and the professional management of the process. Beyond that, eloquent and clear speech and a professionally constructed video. We definitely learned and thanks for sharing. I will anoint with an expansion on the various sections in Excel that you presented beyond the specific example and of course we will be happy for more videos that will educate the community members. Thanks ???