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Dealing with pressures and changes in the real estate world

What's going on an expensive group? So this week I'm getting into the big shoes of "Entrepreneurs of the Week," thanking Lior on stage. So in a few words about me and us, I am a co-owner of SafetyTint, having been operating for the past eight years in Orlando, Florida as a real estate agency for local and distant investors. This week I will start with a post slightly different from my regular content, the topic is dealing with pressures and changes…

# Entrepreneur of the Week # Post 5 Sales Everyone who knows me knows I'm sick of sales, since I'm

#יםמההשבוי #פוסט5 Sales Anyone who knows me knows that I am sick of sales, ever since I can remember I have loved the idea of ​​selling. I think the first physical product I sold was explosives out of a Comedy Store pencil case with Jojo Halstra quotes. Admittedly, the business closed faster than expected, when the manager's secretary realized that a third-grade child had opened the stairs to the branch shelter...

The sticks:

#Entrepreneur of the week Adam Ashkenazi #post4 In the previous post, I told about a building I purchased with 4 units, about the tenants there who did not pay rent, about two management companies I fired,...


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