Dear entrepreneurs and investors! First thing: If you want to receive weekly updates of posts ...

Dear entrepreneurs and investors! First thing: If you want to receive weekly updates of posts ...

Dear entrepreneurs and investors!

If you would like to receive weekly updates of valuable real estate posts and learning from the United States Real Estate Forum, as well as the option to sign up for property developers of the week from the property arena, leave an email or sign up:

This subgroup for the Real Estate Forum group in the US allows the publication of assets

As we promised you, you have received a huge bonus that allows you to advertise your assets on the exclusive real estate arena of the US Real Estate Forum reserved for Entrepreneurs Only this week - entrepreneurs who were already but also future entrepreneurs who will be listed on the developers board!

Congratulations !!! You won a giant !!!

The assets in the group are published by using a unique template.

Link to form:

This form will allow you to create the template you will use to advertise property in this closed, exclusive group.

Fill in your email address and your name on the form are done to send the template back to your email and will not enter the template of the post.

After completing the form, you will receive a return email with the full advertising template for post-sale labeling.

Please copy the entire template as it is from the email you received and paste it as a new post in the arena according to the following steps:

1. Go to the property arena on Facebook
2. Choose to publish a new property.
You will see 4 fields:
A. The property must be listed in the top field where it is written - What are you selling?
B. Enter the price of the property - where it says Price
third. Target the property
D. Paste the contents of the template you received as it is into the Describe your item field - do not subtract or change the format you received.
God. Add photos of the property - the first photo should be a photo of the property from the outside, in order to maintain consistency with the other publications, and then
Add photos of the property inside.

That's it - you clicked a property in the US Real Estate Forum!

pay attention:

1. Don't post your name, company name, logo, phone, website etc. as part of the post. The properties are advertised under your Facebook account and through which potential buyers will contact you. Publications containing this information will be deleted. The forum must be respected and not made to look like a bulletin board.

2. The uniform format you received in email should be maintained, pasted as it is and not changed - the goal is first and foremost among the posts in the group.

3. If you want to publish the property with our unique template in other groups, you must keep the link to the US Real Estate Forum group and the property arena created as part of the template and not delete it. It is strictly prohibited to post the property with our template in other groups and in any other area of ​​Facebook or outside without these links. If we discover the post is published outside the group with our template and without the links, the developer posts will be deleted and the developer blocked from our forums. We've worked hard on these templates and this is a bonus we bring to "Weekly Entrepreneurs" who only advertise on our group - please respect that.

The main purpose is that prospective buyers will ask questions about the property in response to the post you created, and if they wish to purchase it will contact you privately via Facebook as is done in selling any other item on Facebook, as we are interested in forming a dialogue about the property among forum members - we are first and foremost a learning group Adding direct contact information will interrupt the communication sequence in the forum.

Good luck to everyone and thank you for your cooperation !!!

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