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  1. Hi citrus,
    You are in a situation where we were all in the beginning,
    So first of all you are in a good place.
    To know where to start, you have to ask yourself a few questions, as I ask the people who come to consult me ​​about investments:
    First of all, what is your goal?
    Are you mainly looking to increase long-term capital?
    Are you looking for current income?
    What level of risk are you willing to take?
    What level of engagement do you want to have on a regular basis?
    What level of control do you want in your investment?
    All of these questions will lead you towards the right investment for you.
    For example, if you are mainly looking to increase capital and are willing to take some risk, then you can go in the direction of Flip's.
    If you want low-risk current income and don't mind being out of control, you might want to enter into a multifamily deal as one of dozens of investors.
    If you want control over your current income investment, go for Single Family Rent
    Etc. etc'
    In short, answer these questions and it will be easier for you and entrepreneurs to direct you to the investment that works best for you.