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XX Home Acres, Dayton, OH 45431

Property Details: 3 beds/2 bath 2,048 Sqft Single Family Rented@ $1500 Completely redid the kitchen in 2008 Estimated Market Rent: $2,000 Annual Tax: $4,598 ARV Estimate: $290K Wholesale Price: $206,700 Notices and Disclosures YOU MUST VERIFY ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED INDEPENDENTLY: Any estimates or information provided are for real estate investors' convenience, who must verify all estimated [...]

Dealing with pressures and changes in the real estate world

What's going on an expensive group? So this week I'm getting into the big shoes of "Entrepreneurs of the Week," thanking Lior on stage. So in a few words about me and us, I am a co-owner of SafetyTint, having been operating for the past eight years in Orlando, Florida as a real estate agency for local and distant investors. This week I will start with a post slightly different from my regular content, the topic is dealing with pressures and changes…


  1. A number of emphases for a home line of credit (HELOC). A) According to the name it is as if to get a loan for the equity that is in the house but the name is misleading - such a loan can be used to refinance a loan or even to buy a home up to 100% financing. Of course the percentage of financing will affect the interest rate like other factors. B) A great advantage in calculating the interest rate, which is a simple interest rate calculated daily and not a de-interest rate calculated in advance of 20-30 years. C) By and large it is also possible without citizens but not simple at all - you have to look for a lot… I bought my home a few months ago (I am not a citizen) and now I learned that this bank has stopped lending without citizens.