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  1. Americans like Americans should come in an orderly, sensible manner, with pre-prepared answers, backing up plans and then it is easy for them to seize and release…
    I helped family and friends to issue visas to those I was sure would be refused and to my surprise they were happy.
    As stated, it is preferable to arrive with proof of orderly work, confirmation of studies, a clear plan for a trip with dates of arrival and departure,
    If possible then a flight ticket is welcome with a departure date.
    Hotel address is planned,
    Reasons for a trip such as engagements, birthdays, bat / bar mitzvah trips, etc.
    In an early preparation and an interview in which the answer is clear, and the decision to obtain a visa increases wonderfully even to those who appear to have no chance.

  2. In my experience. You need to show them that you have an income. Permanent job. Savings . Lease contract in Israel. Any study permit does not require anything you are currently studying. You can go to the institution where you studied and get a study permit.
    And then they ask you what are you going to do there?

    A clear answer. It's a go. Traveling and spending the money I have in the bank with you?

  3. Okay
    Pushed to your post…
    I also want to issue a visa
    Me and my son

    I have no work and pay coupons
    My family staying in the country are parents (and between us… who stopped it in the past…)

    How else can I prove that I have no intention of emigrating?
    Wanna go ready