Hello everyone, Flash sports update for the first weekend of January 2019 on triad mode ...

Hello everyone, Flash sports update for the first weekend of January 2019 on triad mode ...

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Hello everyone,
Update Flash Sports for the first weekend of January 2019 on our leading trio mode.

The bodybuilder Albert Hadad from Ramat Gan takes first place in lifting weights for a distance with ten excellent posts and 118 comments - would you believe it ???
What a revolution !!!

Bracha Light, who grabbed the top spot last week, drops one step due to not releasing new posts after being an entrepreneur this week and stuck on only five posts. Bracha - it's time to wake up, the house is crumbling! Also, she leads by only 3 reactions over Albert, who can easily give gas and pass her in a turn.
Or Stern Noel Entrepreneur of our outgoing week picks the third and respected place with 8 posts and eighty comments
. Well done!!! it was worth it.

All of our leading trio wins world immunity by staying in the forum due to real estate decrees for 2019. And of course world fame.

Shai Bar weakens this week and drops to fourth place after Bracha Shai the giant from Detroit took the first place when he was our entrepreneur of the week and dropped to second place last week. Do not give up! Keep sharing regularly and maintain your world fame!

And Daniel Dahan dropped a step this week to fourth place, but there is no doubt that being an entrepreneur next week will significantly improve his position! Daniel responded to 94 responses - an increase of only 9 responses from last week. Daniel - Kokuriko the rooster calls good morning! It's time to wake up and release the reaction machine! charge!!!

In the field of posts we see two anonymous companies that took the first places by complete surprise - some Lior Liortsik and Ido Neumann. Lol. Who heard of them?

Shai Halevi's post continues to star and is in the fifth and most honorable place, and David's post about the flips app that provoked strong heights earned him the rank of "rising star" and seventh place in the weekly posts competition.

Be strong and trust and have a week full of posts of value for all of us and a pleasant vacation with Handelfnada !!!

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