Should we give the sellers a chance? We buy for the first time and we have agent of ...

Should we give the sellers a chance? We buy for the first time and we have agent of ...

Should we give the sellers a chance?

We buy for the first time and we have buyer's agent. Is someone I personally know through my work related to 4 for years and it was great.

My husband and I have been shopping in the market for a while now on the internet but we fell in love in the first place we toured. The location is perfect, the complex is quiet and beautiful, the apartment is at the lower end of our budget range and seems to be well maintained. We were fine with giving a full price offer, since there was allegedly another proposal on the table and we did not feel like entering the bidding war.

Well, the seller wants to close on 23 in March (we can do the job) but want to get out at 25. We find it ridiculous and we do not want to be responsible for everything it does within 2-3 days. He also did not want to pay for a home warranty which we found strange. He was ready to knock 500 off the price of the house, but still did not want to pay for the warranty. We were confused about why he did not just get a full price offer from us as he is.

We told him keys in a close deal or not. He accepted our offer randomly at night. His broker wrote a correction for those 2-3 days after closing. In the end the whole thing was giving us particularly bad vibes and our mediator so we canceled our offer.

Well, the seller called my realtor directly and basically begged us to be back but nothing in writing. Then on Saturday, I, the husband, and my parents went on sale for sale a few doors in the compound compound, while my realtor was out of town because all it took was an app to get in and do a tour ourselves. The sellers approached us personally, asked for our offer back, said they would give the keys and closed. We take anything that is not written in a grain of salt. They gave the parents a free tour. The husband and I are simply embarrassed and uncomfortable by all this incident.

We spent a lot of time looking for other places. There is no other record I like. One of the same complex that is also for sale is not an option. It's pretty obvious that the same renovations in one were in a crappy hurry. We are completely in love with the one we have proposed.

Are we stupid for still trying to do this job? We're thinking of putting our offer back but cutting it off by a few thousand. My realtor got bad noises from the whole thing and says it's our decision, but maybe we should keep looking. Because he knows me personally, can it be exaggerated?

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Should we give the sellers a chance?

We are first time buyers and we have a buyer's agent. He is someone I've known personally through my unrelated job for 4 years and he has been…

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