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Entrepreneur of the Week - Post # 4 - Thinking Outside the Box in a 2BR Apartment

# EntrepreneurSweek # Entrepreneur of the Week Post # 4 Thinking Outside the Box in a 2BR Apartment The first conversation I had with the apartment owners, this one is 1000 square feet (90 square meters) and is located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, I remember well. The landlady went over with me their list of needs: a room, even a small one, for each child (they have two children, a son and a daughter who at the time of the renovation were…


  1. Hi Elkana. Investing in a remote control is not easy to begin with. Through the right people and organized institutions it is still possible to make it more worthwhile. There are banks that work with sand investors. Every investment in real estate is an experience, there is less good, there is better. The most important thing is to examine everything individually.
    Do not let one bad apple keep you from eating apples.
    Always check first hand on who you do business with. Successfully

  2. Hi Elkana, my name is Roy, both relatively new in the field and still in the military so fully understand your starting point, I can recommend you some practical things from my experience so far, especially regarding equity:
    1. There are plenty of ways to start dealing in real estate without equity - wholesale, certain rent to own deals, multi-family (where you can also enter with a small amount as a certain percentage on the units) and also flip deals are in some areas at really low prices that do not suit me And like you at the beginning of the road.

    2. Call the banks a bit and look for which mortgages are available abroad, maybe if you have a fund then so be it, and in general even private individuals who give financing - very effective.

    3. Agree with what was said before me - read non-stop and learn until it comes out of your soul

  3. Elkana First of all I want to strengthen your hand and already tell you that you have the foundation to build yourself successfully and correctly and the reason I say this is that you seem to have had a not the most successful experience and could tell yourself that real estate investing in the US does not work or is not profitable. But you did not say it to yourself but quite the opposite. Second thing you ask for help and are not ashamed to ask and you come with an open mind and it is not at all obvious, most people do not do it. I think Lior is right first of all flood yourself with self-learning about investing in buying a property and renting it or buying a property renovation and sale. You will learn about the differences between an investor (your experience so far with a company through which you have invested) and an entrepreneur (being yourself the company that finds assets and recruits investors or any other entrepreneur in the field). While you are learning every time you come across a question or even a concept that you do not understand research, search and of course you have the platform of this group that for sure here can help you. Successfully!

  4. Hey Elkana. You've definitely come to the right place. I'm sure you'll get a lot of advice here, but first of all I recommend you to learn as much as possible from Handelfindia, and of course subscribe to our newsletter and the YouTube channel so as not to miss any important article. It's fun you're here. Be strong and courageous!