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  1. This is exactly what we have done to the asset that has been "cut off" without a sale. We found someone who really loved the house and had money to buy the house in cash that day, but he wanted to buy the property through a mortgage and before that he wanted to live in it for a while.
    We gave him a one-year option to buy the property, a 10% down payment, a rent of $1500 and an additional $1000 every month (which will be earned in the sale - rent credit).
    Can say that it was an excellent deal and this year (he bought a year ago) the yield on the property was 25%.
    By the way, this is one of our sales plans in Flip's houses.

  2. I do not know what your case is, but if the 200 (buy + renovation) is investment money from home and the plans before were to continue with flips, it ruins the plans a bit and requires reassessments with financing or investors etc.… It was not worth lowering the price a bit and continue with the plans ( Again trying to draw a general conclusion if the money did not come from funding and should be in future use of flips…)

  3. Stunning! Make a cup of pistachio! The selling price in such a program is significantly higher than the current market price? Offering at 280 thousand dollars. Can you refine more about the program? If purchasers can not buy now, how can they buy another two years? The goal in the meantime will build credit and employment history? What monthly rent would you receive under market conditions? How is the down payment calculated? Thanks