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  1. Daniel Nigri The risk is that without development and an increase in value you might find the asset price going down and then you put in one pocket but lose from the other.

    On the other hand, if you intend to hold the property "forever" then this could be a reasonable strategy.
    In my opinion, if you buy the right place after a few years, the market will be saturated and sell in other areas where it is expected to increase.

  2. Hi garden,
    I think that in terms of cashflow it is certainly possible to find profitable properties with a good yield in the area. In terms of value increase it is always speculative even when there is urban development because the market depends on many other things. That's why my parameter for entering into a deal there is the rental yield from the first day and the increase in value is a bonus. But this is my strategy and some will disagree.

    As far as the region itself is concerned, it is important that you define what your investment return criteria are against risk. Cuyoga County includes Cleveland and dozens of suburbs, each with different demographics, highlighting populations at different levels so that you can start to understand what your investment requirements are and then choose the areas that match those requirements.

    In addition, please note that municipal taxes are high in property taxes, which in many cases are very detrimental to yield.

    Attach a basic and very general guide to the area so you can get to know:

    I personally chose to invest in lake county. This district near Kyuoga and most localities are still a 15-30 minute drive from Cleveland. I chose this area because of lower property taxes and a stronger population (at least Class B). In addition, the area is more characterized by properties held by homeowners than investors, so demand for rent is high.
    Hope that helps, and good luck !!

  3. I suppose you mean Brentle investment, correct me if I'm wrong.
    Three parameters I tell my investors to pay attention to in rental deals
    1. Buying below market price, for some of us it is obvious to investors not always
    2. A local management company that you know and trust / have strong recommendations for
    3. Urban development that will increase prices

    I work for example in Euclid, where a new boardwalk is planned and the city will invest $ 80 million, there is an Amazon warehouse that has been opened and more developments
    So if you don't expect to be typed in a great area of ​​Cleveland, you might not even know Cuyoga, but I'd make sure those three parameters at least for starters.
    And it is equally important that you have a good management company to take care of your property

    If there is a positive movement it is excellent but try to understand why it has happened so far and why it will continue or not

    Good luck