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  1. That's what they answered me:
    That's the answer I got
    Hey Idit, you can definitely receive payments to your local bank account in Israel. Read more about that here: . About the account you're referring to - do you mean our borderless account?
    If yes, then there are no costs for opening and maintaining for opening it. If you're interested in learning about how it works, please let us know. We'd be glad to help?

  2. Hi Idit, I opened an account there, an easy and convenient process. I received details of a bank account in New York including ABA Routing. Very convenient to pay suppliers in the US. The only drawback I have found so far is that you can only make ACH payments and not Wire, so it is problematic in terms of payments to the title

  3. Hey Edith I asked about it recently but without an answer, I also spoke with the management company and they also did not hear about it. I opened an account with them, but I have not yet transferred to Israel, since their interface is familiar with all the banks and all the branches in Israel. They still do not have a credit card for Israel but there is a waiting list and they claim it will be. By what they tell it is definitely an excellent replacement for a US account with very low transfer fees