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  1. Cleveland is at a special point in time. The opportunity is now. In the last 10 years we have not seen price increases like in the last year. This is exactly what was in Jacksonville 4 years ago when we started working there. Each market begins with its ups and downs in the strongest places, New York on the one hand California on the other and then spreading into the continent.
    All the strong cities have already made the strong price increases and the yields there are low. Now the turn of the periphery and Cleveland is one of the cities with the greatest potential of catching the good prices at the beginning of the wave of gains.

  2. I work in Cleveland Ohio, with a local man who has lived there for years, and we work in areas where there is a return 8-10
    And it is more important that these are areas where prices have risen and are expected to continue to rise
    To the question of what will continue to rise,
    The answer is that we are making a new promenade in the Yuclid neighborhood and City invests in this 80M $
    Amazon has already opened my own warehouses in the city
    The unemployment rate stands at 5.5%
    Factories closed at Sub-Frame are again active

    Everywhere advantages and disadvantages and you need to understand the market in depth, so I always always always work with people who live there and know the area and have experience and receipts

  3. Each market and its advantages and disadvantages - and you need to understand which market is suitable for which type of investment. You just have to understand where the opportunities are in this market - and obviously they exist, just maybe they will be different from the opportunities in Florida Texas…

  4. Very interesting this discussion !!
    We'd love to hear more reviews from people who invest in Cleveland and can testify from their experience.

    I plan to invest in the area
    Also there are houses in 90-100 thousand and not only in 40-50
    And the yields are good and the neighborhoods are good.

    In Florida, the market is flooded with levels and yields on good assets exceed only a few percent (much less than 10 !!)
    I'd be happy to make a mistake if someone showed me otherwise.
    A lot of money is available for immediate purchase.

  5. Joins what Michael says why invest in a city with negative immigration? Cleveland and a lot of areas in the north represent the past, cheap old houses like an abandoned old industry. Get out of the concept that Zol will work. Invest in where the Americans come from and those countries in the sun. Florida and more. Go on the houses of 150k and the north will get a reward yield of% 10 and above and above 1400 $. Reminds everyone that something is going wrong in the house. It does not matter how much the house went up. The correction is a correction and costs money so that it should be income-producing accordingly and not an asset that yields a high lighting yield that was purchased at 50 and produces 14-18 but low absolute numbers.
    A little candy also has mortgages in Florida and Texas

  6. The distance between success and failure is very small in Cleveland, the management there requires intensity, in the absence of which the investment goes to waste, potential to earn
    A very nice name these days, but it is suitable for those who are already professional in the area or to accompany someone experienced with proof in the field