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  1. Dear Lior and the other members, what a great forum!
    Each post is an experience in itself 🙂

    Many thanks for the Paragon, very happy to be here.

    Some highlights and comments if possible:
    1) Giant Dwarf Game - What a huge idea, literally!
    In the past, we thought in the forum to promote a mentoring program - pairs of giant dwarfs (personal mentoring) and meetings once every two weeks / month where couples can share their experiences and learn from each other (maybe even a short content lecture as part of one of the giants' meeting). The forum took several other directions and it did not materialize.
    You've already lifted the glove! I would be happy to help with anything on this.

    2) Regarding the world of concepts and other things that are in UNITS (by the way, I would love for you to update me on how it works for you and whether it works…), our way of accessing general information worked most effectively, was by a Google Doc file that is open to everyone, so everyone The members will be able to add his comments, and a collaborative database will be created.
    As we did for the parameter file with the countries (you will of course need to occasionally remind your friends about the file, because the top of the page is captured each time by a different post).
    Hopefully both you and us will reach the end of the Topics feature through which you can tag posts by topic.

    3) Regarding the read posts of the week - a great idea!
    Instead of taking a screenshot, I actually recommend adding the link to the post (by clicking on the date of the post, you will automatically see the link of the post itself, which can be shared), so that it will be more accessible for friends who want to read it.
    By the way, totally taking away from you the idea that you wouldn't think otherwise?

    You and Smadar Hayek are at your disposal.
    We'd love to do things together as well, it's always fun.
    World glory to all of you! ?