Dear friends .. What interested you to hear, receive, share in this forum? I will start from me… me…

US or Israel - Where to invest?

Dear Friends..
What would interest you to hear, receive, share in this forum?
I will start from me… I am interested to hear from you, to know what kind of investors you are… Do you invest only for yourself, do you invest and lend to others?
Have you found a type of activity that interests you more than others?
How did you get to the area where you chose to invest?

People are members of groups because of the power of information… a power that can bounce you and advance you to the next level ..
By sharing (which only empowers you)
By sharing deliberation and questions
By mutual help in connecting and providing solutions

For this all this forum ום

So come on, what kind of investment activity are you in, what interests you about investing in the US?

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  1. Thank you…
    Very interesting and ambitious ..
    Have you tried to be interested in yourself?
    Have you looked at the articles that Lior is attaching?
    Suggests an idea ... Post a group and ask about which areas the members here work in…
    There are people here from all over the map…

    Are there certain critiques that are important to you?
    Matan Hirschhorn

  2. Hi Ido,
    I bought my first building at the end of 2012, I always wanted to be investing in Cash Flow. Flips or construction did not interest me.
    I bought the first and second building in Brooklyn but I would like to know about other areas outside of New York because it's just so expensive here today.