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  1. I have unfortunately heard of quite a few such stories and even more unfortunately those involved were Israelis. Whether it's a guy who took out millions of dollars in credit card debt, and fled to Israel with the money, or entrepreneurs who worked for dozens of investors and disappeared, or cart owners who evaded millions of shekels in taxes and hired illegal workers, or mobbing companies after loading the truck suddenly asked for another $ XNUMX Nothing or just load near the truck and leave half an empty truck behind. Even in the years I worked here in an Israeli real estate office I came across scams of false representations like an inflated price per transaction of hundreds of thousands of dollars above the real value, many Israeli real estate companies set themselves a goal to work on African Americans with practical stories how many their homes are worth and commemorate The poverty of them and their children for generations to come and more and more stories. I remember that on a trip to Greece after the army they did not want to let us into the club because we are Israelis and we made a mess and Israelis destroyed hotel rooms. Too bad a handful ruined the rest. I think an essential part of this forum and the "Entrepreneur of the Week" project and the forum's metaphors is to come and get to know better who we are going to do business with. At the level of knowledge, reliability, responses of other forum members to the same entrepreneur in terms of previous working relationships, a live presentation of how the entrepreneur advises a potential investor and receiving full information about the assets that entrepreneur sells including a detailed report on the area, similar properties etc and the wisdom of the masses asking questions about him The property is in the "property arena" and this is how we get answers to questions we did not even think to ask and a seal of approval for the transaction.

  2. As a lawyer in the field, I have come across such double sting cases twice. Unfortunately he is not the only one.
    The possible solution is to sue the Israeli marketer / broker. In certain circumstances, they are responsible for misrepresentations they have presented. Thus, the investment can be partially restored