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  1. Agree, I'm just now, after 7 properties in a certain area goes to look for the following properties in another area, and also there intends to purchase several properties. It would make sense to diversify and disperse the case, but I would not have spread over too many areas because of the administrative overhead. All according to the size of the portfolio.

  2. Hi Gal. Each of course has its own working method, but I recommend 3-4 properties in the same area because the management and maintenance is easier, and you too are already familiar with the area and have contacts and staff you have created. The number of assets of course depends on the size of the portfolio you are targeting but after you have already managed to purchase a first asset in a certain area after months of learning I see no reason to stop - you already have the knowledge. And this of course if you are satisfied with the purchase you made. Successfully! ???