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  1. YoniKessous
    Just for the sake of accuracy..Niv accompanies a specific flip entrepreneur… Minimum 150 before calculating interest discount…
    According to 70 percentage of financing ..

    And in general-
    Asked for a smaller project…

    Funding is possible for higher and lower amounts from different sources.

    You always have to look at a few options

  2. Your question is general ..
    Funding is not the problem ... Just have to make sure that it is indeed given to who it is
    Non us person
    No credit score.

    Beyond that it depends on the amounts.
    To most of my knowledge and activity, loans should be at a minimum of 75k .. And depending on the percentage of funding,
    For otherwise it is less financially lucrative to them.

    In cases of lower required amounts,
    You need to look specifically at other methods