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  1. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the info ..
    I have a family in Redmond ... so I went to King County because of its attractions?
    The whole area is full of immigrants… and the area as a whole is not cheap…
    Is it possible that the exit of the Chinese from this area is connected to labor issues?

  2. The difference now is that homes are unsold for about three times longer than in the past because there are fewer buyers out there competing. Total sales have dropped more than 20 percent over the past couple of years.

    It's pretty simple: With fewer buyers competing over more homes, the days of furious bidding wars that jack up home prices are over. The average buyer actually now has enough negotiating power to get a house for less than the list price; And in about a fourth of listings, sellers are just lowering their asking prices because they didn't get any nibbles.

    It's part of a national trend of inventory finally starting to rise slightly; Prices are even falling a tad in a few West Coast cities, like Portland and Vancouver, BC, though the changes have been more dramatic here than anywhere else.

    OK, so why are fewer people buying here?

    Rising interest rates

    A big reason might be mortgage interest rates, which get a lot less attention than home prices but can have a significant impact on affordability for the three-fourths of local homebuyers who take out a mortgage. After years of historically low interest rates, they began rising at the beginning of this year.

  3. Thanks Iris. Like you promised to tell us about Seattle. We'd love to hear what you think about what will happen in the new markets that Amazon has entered - Arlington and New York based on your experience of what happened in Seattle, and how your first-hand experience was to see things happen