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  1. I have a duplex in Milwaukee where the upper unit is leased as an airbnb and the lower one is rented to permanent tenants.

    I manage to squeeze there after spending about 150-200 more each month (about 1100 vs. 900).
    On the other hand I invested about 3000 in furniture and equipment…

    It suited me because I live in the above unit while I was in the US but I would not bother otherwise…
    I manage it independently.
    When the guest comes out the cleaner enters and prepares it for the next tenant.

  2. There is a crazy plan in Netflix, about renovating houses for Airbnb. From there you can learn about management for twenty percent, including orders.
    Sale companies that do it in Portugal.
    And on Thursday, Natalie Zackheim will want to rent to Airbnb in Europe

  3. 1 - If the property is in a prime location - you can earn more than a regular rental
    2 - You will have to manage efficient customer service and the business will gain momentum with recommenders
    3 - A standard management company does not like such assets because of the high day-to-day preoccupation - you will need to find a dedicated company to talk to