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Building Permit

Post with value 33 Expression of opinion 100 words: What is a PERMIT and why doesn't anyone tell you about it? In the process of renovating a property in the USA, it is very important to renovate and replace 5 infrastructures that make up the heart of the house: roof, electricity, plumbing, heating cooling system and water boiler. A PERMIT is a permit issued by the municipality - through the building department...


  1. Post is very important!
    There are districts where the paramilitary is open to everyone on the Internet!
    Offer you a property that looks interesting?
    Check out the age of the systems according to the permite and you will see that there is a permite (another method for cross-checking information through an independent means)
    Do not rely solely on words.

  2. The permit has additional importance, it protects both the contractor and the owner of the property, that is, the contractor receives approval for the work that was performed correctly and if and to the extent that there is a problem of, for example, some kind of damage or malfunction, the insurance company will not refuse payment on the grounds that, for example, if something else was done correctly in the sale of the property The buyer wants to make sure the work was done according to the standard and then he wants to see all the approvals