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  1. Thanks again for yesterday! I have some questions for Orr Kichin:
    1. You said you need to verify information coming from the wholesaler. So how do you make it? Except for the usual sites that don't tell the exact truth either ... Is it appropriate to contact your broker / management company to review the data they are transmitting?
    2. You mentioned that the best way to strengthen a relationship with a broker / wholesaler is by making deals with them. Let's say I'm in contact with two wholesalers and two brokers to have some variety, so that means I need about 12 deals (3 for each) to strengthen the relationship ... I think it's unlikely for an investor in his early years ... How best to approach it?
    3. In general, this whole issue of team building feels a little bit like in your field of work, everyone wants someone with experience and you have no experience and then you also have no experience ... until we don't close a lot of deals then we won't really be "our people", on the other hand To close a lot of deals, "our people" need ... how do you propose to cross this hurdle?

  2. Thanks to Nir Bitton of Cobersi for a fascinating lecture. A post explaining the entire company will soon be posted, which also includes an answer to all the questions you asked at Mitap and which will be added to Real Estate under money transfers. I learned a lot today about Coversi - I thought it was just a transfer of funds and I realized that the services they provide are much more than that. There is no doubt that in the multi-family transactions I organize in which a large number of investors have to transfer funds, the solution that Cobersi provides sounds definitely worth checking out.