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  1. The two houses I renovated in Indie had such problems. Assuming that the house has not sunk, and that the walls are straight, without buckling and bowing, then the problem can be eliminated by making sure that the water is diverted away from the foundations. I bet there's some downspout that sends water to this corner. In my experience, even if there are holes and cracks in the walls you can sometimes just make sure that the water does not accumulate near the foundations. (Normal gutters, ground slope away from the foundations)

  2. I would still make a low offer. Everything has a price, and who knows, maybe the seller would accept it. If the seller accepts the low offer and I no longer feel like messing with the property, then I would try to wholesale and of course I would provide the intended buyer with all the information about the house.

  3. I think this approach is an approach that will cause you unnecessary losses because you are motivating and "trying to educate" the seller…

    While my values ​​of the staff I work with on a regular basis are important, a seller is a seller… whether he is fair or unfair and on what values ​​he is founded is really not my problem…

    I'm looking at the deal cold, did you get a detailed inspection report? Do the numbers work? Have you decided to give up the deal just because you do not want to work with a seller who "did not say in advance that there was a problem"? Guess what? Leaving money on the floor…

    I make a distinction between casual people and relationships…

    And here, in this case with the seller? There is no meaning to values ​​and there is no room for emotions…

  4. I must admit that for me what the owner says or does not say, is irrelevant, neither before nor after… Ray he can tell stories from here to Japan about not knowing, yes knowing etc.
    Precisely because of this it is important to make independent controls (as you did wisely)
    People give up or rely on a “word” of a seller or lender or a wholesaler and eat it hard (know a lot of stories like that)
    I would suggest a low bid that reflects the correction + risk range and takes the seller out of the equation.
    Just as I do not care what price he is asking, I'm interested in how much I'm willing to pay.
    So I look at the deal in a cold way.
    Good investments!

  5. I'm in your place to improve the local team
    Before you sign a contract and send an informator, send someone on your behalf (usually from a range). To photograph your house. If you saw such a fundamental problem in the first place, you would not have dealt with it and saved the cost of the prospect.