Post 4 / 4 Hello friends, the moment has come to introduce myself. My name is Yariv Golan and I am an entrepreneur ...

Post 4 / 4 Hello friends, the moment has come to introduce myself. My name is Yariv Golan and I am an entrepreneur ...

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Post 4 / 4

Hello friends, the time has come to introduce myself. My name is Yariv Golan and I am an entrepreneur and investor in real estate. From 2005 to 2011 I invested in real estate in Israel, after realizing that the market in Israel has exhausted itself and the prices do not justify and especially the difficulty of getting good deals I decided to examine the real estate market in the US. The beginning was not easy at all and I faced quite a few difficulties, bumps and falls in quite a few deals and also dubious business common frustrations that at first seemed innocent skills.

After two very difficult years I was able to create for myself a great team that accompanies me to this day. I am happy and proud of myself that I did not break down and that I was able to overcome the enormous financial difficulties and losses that were great lessons for me in life. I created for myself a system that works for me in Jacksonville Florida and Cleveland Ohio.

I personally own properties in Memphis, St. Louis, Jacksonville and Cleveland and since 2013 I have been lending to investors and to date I have already executed over 200 transactions in the US market. After the price increases of recent years in Jacksonville, I decided to focus more on the Cleveland market.
My specialty is in the cost assets of 50,000-100,000 USD.

Today we are all almost on autopilot, we have brokers who know exactly what we are looking for and pass on the deals to us before they market to the market, salespersons who transfer transactions to us daily, renovators who accompany us from deal to deal, field people, management companies, informers and everything needed to ensure that the investor Our final will get a good deal. Of course, any asset that did not meet my criteria was immediately disqualified. I have a number of red lines that we will not settle for in any deal, whether it's property location in areas we know well with low crime, property with a serious problem in the foundations or in the basement and property with overhaul.

In my opinion the main goal of any investor is to purchase a property below the market price. There are several tools to check the value of an asset and one of them is a sales comparison report called CMA.

CMA (Comparative Market Analyze)
Is a comparative analysis of market prices, performed for the property, designed to determine the market value of a property for sale or rent. The CMA is usually executed by an intermediary, based on data of parallel assets in which transactions were made in the period close to the date of its execution. Keep in mind that a valid CMA report will contain at least 3 similar properties sold in the last six months in addition to at least 3 similar properties currently offered for sale up to a radius of 0.5 miles from the property.

In addition to the CMA report, additional environmental data must be examined that will not appear in any CMA report. Is the property on a main road? Is there indoor or outdoor parking? Are there high power poles near the property? Is the exterior shape of the property inviting? Is the property located at the entrance to the neighborhood off the main road or is it further in? Is the property special or similar to the other properties in the neighborhood?

Each of these questions will raise or lower the value of the property and determine whether the asset is wanted or not and whether it really is a bargain.

You should be surprised to hear that most of our deals come from sellers who are simply fed up with handling the property and neglecting it, over time there are leaks from the roof, wet floors in the basement, The floor is rocking and the owner of the property is simply tired of it and wants to get rid of the property as soon as possible, and we gladly help him.

The second goal of the investor is industrial quiet, that the income will enter the bank every month and we will not have to deal with it too much and do not want any worries. This is where the problem begins. It is known that an investor would want to see a high-yielding business plan on the one hand, and on the other, pay as little as possible for this property. It is clear to everyone that the higher the price we will find ourselves in a better neighborhood with a higher level of population and we will probably have fewer problems with tenants who do not pay in these neighborhoods, although here too it can happen. We try to balance and yet not compromise the quality of the property and the neighborhood.

Renovation is a critical component of the equation, will invest in renovating the property. A good renovation will save us a lot of mishaps in the future. You must make sure that the important systems in the property are normal and we talk about the roof, plumbing, electricity, basement, foundations, heating systems and cooling. These are the main things that are examined first because these are also the high costs. After reviewing the important systems, we will move on to cosmetics. The kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms in the house. Usually the person who decides on the subject of the house is the woman and if she likes the kitchen and the bathroom, we will be able to rent the house very quickly. Another tip - even in the sale of a house will focus on the kitchen and baths.

In addition to the usual deals, together with an American partner, we carry out 2's prestigious construction projects at Town Home and 3 Singles in Cleveland Ohio, to which we have added a number of investors. These projects are already underway and construction will begin soon. I would be happy to expand on them as part of an entrepreneur this week next month.

In the meantime you are invited to visit my site -
The site is full of articles and information, and you can also sign up and get the real estate investment guide I wrote.

Good luck to everyone.

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