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  1. Opening a US bank account without having to fly!

    * Opening an account at Bank of America to a company, individual or partnership.
    * Online bank transfers.
    * Visa card.
    * Checkbook.
    * Quick account opening procedure.
    * Suitable for business / property owners or anyone who needs an account in the US.
    * Personal service and accompaniment until the end of the procedure.
    * For details contact us by email CPANYS@GMAIL.COM

    Eran Varnay
    Janus Associates, Inc.

  2. Although there are advantages to activity through the LLC, banking regulations are getting worse and many banks require that each member of the LLC personally come to identify and sign documents at the branch.
    These restrictions have not yet reached personal accounts, which I can open for you (a signature confirmation page will be sent by mail to your address in Israel, and you have an 30 day to send back to the branch.
    Since the use of a personal account may void some of the benefits of the LLC, you may wish to consult an accountant (such as Iris Chelouche) and an attorney.
    If I find a solution for LLC accounts, I will update here…