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  1. In the US, much of the information is publicly recorded, so if you want to check on a certain address - through the property's county website you can see who the owner is and how much he paid for the purchase. including llc companies that own several properties. You can also search through the county by name of a specific person and see what properties he owns.

    Regarding management companies. Google, Yellow Pages, Forums, and Facebook Groups in your area, larger pockets can also help you.

    In addition, there are quite a few services in which it is possible to issue records of owners of paid properties and personal details accordingly.

  2. Management companies usually find in Google by region, in my opinion it is worth checking out who the neighbor manages the property and go with them.
    For property owners, each city has its own Assessor's office and the owner's or LLC details appear there. It is difficult to get a phone number from there, usually when there is an owner's address you can knock on the door or send a letter.