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Investor Travel Diary - First Day

An investor's travel diary - a summary of a trip a week after I returned to Israel, and there are quite a few insights. Before I start, I wanted to thank everyone who supported the posts! The truth is that I wrote them down first for me. It helped me summarize each day and stop for a moment and think about what I did today and what I learned. If along the way it also turns out to share and teach others then...


  1. Say you're very busy and you're ready for a brief meeting of 10 minutes
    At the meeting tell them that the meeting is short and go straight to the point
    If in 10 minutes you are interested in setting a longer meeting again to think that you are very busy
    If in 10 minutes you did not register
    Thank them for their time and tell them that you will be in touch with them at a time that suits you later on