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  1. There does not seem to be a way to make it "legal" at least. What is possible - what I do for customers sometimes is to open an LLC and get an EIN and then I get the right to open a bank account for the LLC. Here is a good explanation of why banks require: But it is important to understand what the person is trying to achieve and then plan what is the right thing to do - maybe a bank account is not what he needs...

  2. Friends, this seems to be the right post to ask (I was thinking of opening my own post - maybe I will, until then…)

    A year and a bit ago I opened a bank account - WF Emma, ​​on their online site I can not make a transfer overseas so called. When I opened in New York I had the opportunity to be the representative she told me that after a year I could do it. Well… it's not like that right now.

    Insights and / or experience for someone on the subject?…


  3. very complex
    Apparently there is no uniform policy
    There are people here who say they can Bank of America
    Just yesterday I checked my branch and was told that it is possible to open the condition that the person was identified with them before
    Not a notary in Israel and not in the embassy

    In the past, about 7 years ago, I opened a remote account in a small bank and apparently everything was excellent until the day I wanted to withdraw the money and then refused before I came to identify

    Ask all questions before and especially the subject of restrictions