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Learn from mistakes - tips and suggestions # 1

are good. As I promised Lior I want to tell about a bad say deal, which turned out to be good, and give you some tips for real estate investors, so that your path will be as easy and smooth as possible even though I understand you can not succeed in this world without perseverance, hard work, ability to absorb losses, and more. So let's start in 2011, I'm engaged in real estate in Israel, and there is an exhibition in Israel…


  1. As already mentioned here, only a local team can do the work, you call some Greek companies like Remax/Keller Williams or warranty depends on your buzzer and talk to a qualified broker to go and check the property, mainly those who work in the same neighborhood and then cross-check the data, or you Connecting with some property managers or contractors who can do the inspection for you.