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  1. Thanks to everyone who wrote to me in private, I was happy to receive positive responses - Shagib, Yaniv, Liron, Tzur, Amit, Dani, Bracha, Shmulik, Nir, Einat and everyone else I've forgotten - it's really not obvious to receive such praises and it's really fun. It was worth the effort, and of course thanks to everyone who supported the forum and shared photos - Orr Kichin, Dasi Leibel, Lior Salim, Benny, Amit Golan, Anat, Nadia Michelov, Shmulik Fairman, Vered Gorstein, OM RE, Einat Hollander, Benny Rami, Itay, Galia, Malka, Anat, Nadia, Albert Vred, Yoni, Galia Pundak, Anat Rinon, Albert Hadad and of course to Ido Neuman.

    Thanks to my mother who made an effort to get to hear her son she sees once a year (unfortunately) and thanks to my good friend Roy Roy Doron who came and helped her and brought her home. Thanks to Hashem and the glory of the world to everyone