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  1. Hey Ido
    Starting with 2017 reports actually
    A new reporting obligation arises, which is relevant to
    Full owner of LLC
    Owner who is foreign (and not American)
    Then in addition to the regular tax report is an 1040nr form
    Transfers between the owner and LLC must be reported under his control.
    This is the llc report

    It will be relevant for example in the establishment and in subsequent years only if there will be transactions between the owners and the LLC.

    If you need to submit this additional report, the cost is between 90 and USD North.

  2. Hey Ido
    To the best of my knowledge, Single Membras must submit one personal report. There is a possibility to raise the tax screen in the US so there is no need to file a report on the company.
    I am not an accountant but since 2009 I have been providing reports to myself and investors, accompanied by local accountants in the US