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  1. Excellent idea, I didn't see where there is a list of concepts, so I'm adding a concept that will surely help, DOM- Days On Market, a data we have in MLS. A record of the number of days the house was for sale. This gives us another aspect of the transaction, if the house has been for sale for a long time in a market that is relatively fast, then it can be understood that its price is not really the price, but that the price is too high. Another thing, can point to an entire area, if we want to enter a quick flip we will not enter an area where sales are slow for all houses.

  2. Speaking of title. A few months ago, he was about to close a deal for $ 70000 in the US and was about to transfer money the next day. To the seller. To the seller !! Friends in the US You are making a real estate transaction solely through a campaign title. In title in transaction.

  3. Daniel - first thing fun to hear things - when there is a competition for the cutest guy in the forum there is no doubt that you are somewhere in the top, of course with a few more cute gnomes and giants. Great idea. Dear Giants - Instead of plucking trees in the forest to repair the roof or fence in your property (which is important but helping others is a top asset in this forum even more than owning a property in the US), why not start grabbing concepts from Daniel's list, and scatter grains to Ami and Tami Kol The road to home with beautiful and invested posts? Thank you Daniel you are truly huge!