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It took the contractor twice as long as the quote to finish the project. ⏳

This caused me high maintenance payments, loan interest, taxes and generally changes the whole business plan.

What I did to solve it, I will tell you step by step in the following posts.

What leads me in dealing with the contractor:

• Evaluate the contractor's work and reward the professionals when possible.

With control points in the middle for my protection.

• Do not haggle over prices.

If the deal generates a profit for me, it generates employment for him. There is reciprocity.

• Resolve conflicts amicably.

I'm Shiri Novek, married to Lyal, mother of Amit and Ido 🇧🇷.

Living in a settlement in the north of the country are connected to the land, nature and the land  .

I like to sit in cafes and restaurants and I am addicted to my family ☕.

Recently I also started painting with watercolors (I.e..

I am an industrial and management engineer (I.e. And I see real estate from my worldview as an engineer.

My life has always been accompanied by a passion for real estate. My husband and I did real estate transactions in the Land of Praise and then, I was exposed to the world of American real estate. I started two years ago and have already done 7 transactions.

I intend to purchase at least three more properties this year.

From my acquaintance with the world of renovations in Israel (my brother owns a house renovation company, and I know the field well), I was interested in why it takes so long to finish such a project. In Israel it would finish in a fifth of the time. I was interested in whether it was related to my involvement, control, or maybe even bad conduct by the contractor.


In one of the conversations I had with the contractor I found out why it was taking so long, he explained that he uses subcontractors (and not all of them are his staff) and when he uses subcontractors there are many conditions that must be met. Teams that are not willing to work at the same time at home, a contractor that he invites to work at home and can only do it next week, will also reject the next team and so on.


I understood what needs to be done to improve the times!

How do you do that?

Feel free to write your own ideas in the comments

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you insights about working with the contractor. Thanks to Avi Ben Mordechay and happy to meet and tell about the road. 🙏

Tomorrow - about real estate as an enterprise

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